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Drivers rubric


This document describes the rules for writing new drivers.


Many drivers are located under /src/devices in folders named according to the driver type. For instance /src/devices/clock/drivers, /src/devices/usb/drivers, etc. Some functional areas include their drivers within their own directories, for instance /src/media/audio/drivers, /src/graphics/drivers, etc. New drivers must be located alongside other drivers of the same type. If there is no existing folder were a new driver should be logically placed under, then a new folder needs to be added to /src/devices, named appropriately and include a drivers folder under it.


As with any other code in Fuchsia an OWNER must approve the addition of a new driver. The OWNERS file to check for approval depends on the location where the driver is added.


When adding a driver to the Fuchsia tree, a new entry must be created within _drivers.yaml including a short description, location and several other fields. See _drivers.yaml for more information.