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Remote management of NUC devices

To enable remote management, including KVM, you need to configure Intel AMT (Active Management Technology).

  1. Enter Intel ME settings by pressing Ctrl+P on the boot screen.

    • The first time you need to set a password, the default one is "admin". Password must be at least 8 characters long, contain both lowercase and uppercase characters, at least one digit and at least one non alpha-numeric character.
  2. Configure network

    • Go to Network Setup > TCP/IP Settings > Wired LAN IPV4 Configuration.
    • Disable DHCP Mode and set a static IPV4 Address.
    • Return to AMT Configuration and enable Activate Network Access.
    • Exit Intel ME settings and save your changes.

The Intel AMT serial-over-LAN and vPro KVM needs to be enabled before use. These are enabled using the wsman command-line utility.

These instructions assume you have set the AMT_HOST variable, which contains the IPv4 address you configured in the Intel ME settings, In these instructions, AMT_PASSWORD is the Intel ME password and VNC_PASSWORD is the VNC password.

Intel AMT serial-over-LAN

  1. Enable AMT redirection service:

    wsman put -h ${AMT_HOST} -P 16992 -u admin -p ${AMT_PASSWORD} -k ListenerEnabled=true

Now, you can remotely access the NUC using amtterm: amtterm -u admin -p ${AMT_PASWORD} ${AMT_HOST}.

Intel vPro KVM

  1. Set the VNC password:

    wsman put -h ${AMT_HOST} -P 16992 -u admin -p ${AMT_PASSWORD} -k RFBPassword=${VNC_PASSWORD}
  2. Enable KVM redirection to port 5900:

    wsman put -h ${AMT_HOST} -P 16992 -u admin -p ${AMT_PASSWORD} -k Is5900PortEnabled=true
  3. Disable opt-in policy (do not ask user for console access):

    wsman put -h ${AMT_HOST} -P 16992 -u admin -p ${AMT_PASSWORD} -k OptInPolicy=false
  4. Disable session timeout:

    wsman put -h ${AMT_HOST} -P 16992 -u admin -p ${AMT_PASSWORD} -k SessionTimeout=0
  5. Enable KVM:

    wsman invoke -a RequestStateChange -h ${AMT_HOST} -P 16992 -u admin -p ${AMT_PASSWORD} -k RequestedState=2

Now, you can remotely access the NUC using any VNC client, for example using VNC: vncviewer ${AMT_HOST}.