Host side FIDL

This document is a short summary of what's available now for host side FIDL, and what may be available in the future.

What is Available?

Encoding and decoding of structs and tables that contain no zircon handles in C++ only.

  • Use of handles (or consequently FIDL protocol requests and the like) will cause the host side libraries to fail.
  • In the future this will be verified through a mechanism like NoHandles.

What is not Available?

Any use of protocols.

  • Trying to use a FIDL file that mentions a protocol will cause the host side runtime to fail to compile.
  • In the future some verification mechanism will be available here too.

What is out of scope?

Emulation of arbitrary zircon handles (particularly VMO’s).

What is possibly in scope?

Protocols communicating over a socket transport (implies not exchanging handles).

What is undecided?

Emulation of channels on host side (maybe through overnet).