FIDL linter interface

This document describes the command-line interface to the FIDL linter.

For more information about FIDL's overall purpose, goals, and requirements, see Overview.


The FIDL linter is a command line program that processes one or more FIDL files, and prints warnings about content that compiles (technically valid FIDL), but appears to violate rules from the FIDL Style Rubric. Readability is important, and style is a component of that, but the FIDL Rubric also defines rules that help ensure the FIDL API does not include things that are known to hamper cross-language portability.

Use fx lint

Fuchsia includes the fx lint command that automatically selects and runs the appropriate code linter for each of a set of specified files. fx lint bundles the files with a .fidl extension, and passes all of them, together, to the FIDL linter command fidl-lint.

fx lint is the recommended way to invoke the FIDL linter, and ideally should be run before uploading new FIDL libraries or changes to existing FIDL. Without any arguments, fx lint will run all available linters on all files in your most recent git commit.

fx lint

To review other available options, run:

fx lint --help