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Fuchsia DevTools

Fuchsia DevTools is a tool for displaying the vital signs of a Fuchsia device and its processes. Samples are collected for global and per-process CPU, memory usage, and process list. Samples are then relayed to the host machine for display.

Fuchsia DevTools has the following parts:

GUI or CLI program

At the highest level, the UI displays samples collected from the Fuchsia device (in graphs or charts as appropriate), which come from the Dockyard on the host. The GUI for Fuchsia DevTools is not included in this source directory. It is implemented at a higher level.

Dockyard library

The Dockyard is a library that collects data from the Harvester running on the Fuchsia device.


The communication between the Harvester and the Dockyard is handled by the Transport. The Transport (which is made up of libraries, source code, and protocol definitions) is used on both the host machine and the Fuchsia device.


The Harvester, running on the Fuchsia device, acquires samples (units of introspection data) and sends them to the host machine using the Transport system.