There are various Fuchsia tools that can help you while you develop for Fuchsia:

  • Banjo

    This tool is a transpiler (like FIDL's fidlc) that converts an interface definition language (IDL) into target language specific files.

  • Debugger

    This tool is a debugger for C, C++, and Rust code that runs on Fuchsia for either 64-bit ARM or 64-bit x86 architectures.

  • fidlcat

    This tool is a FIDL connection monitor. fidlcat can attach to or launch a process on a Fuchsia device, and reports the FIDL traffic of that process.

  • iquery

    This tool is a utility program that inspects component nodes exposed over the inspect API. iquery accepts a list of paths to process, and how they are processed depends on the MODE setting and options.

  • QEMU

    This emulator lets you run Zircon. You can install QEMU with prebuilt libraries or build it locally.

  • System monitor

    This tool displays the vital signs of a Fuchsia device and its processes. The system monitor collects samples of device-wide and per-process usage of CPU, memory usage, and processes. You can then view these samples from the host machine.