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configure method

*[<Null safety>](*

void configure ({int? vmoSizeBytes})

Optionally configure global settings for inspection.

This may not be called after the first call to Inspect().

vmoSizeBytes: Sets the maximum size of the virtual memory object (VMO) used to store inspection data for this program. Must be at least 64 bytes.

Throws InspectStateError if called after Inspect(), or ArgumentError if called with an invalid vmoSizeBytes.


static void configure({int? vmoSizeBytes}) {
  if (_singleton != null) {
    throw InspectStateError(
        'configureInspect cannot be called after factory runs');
  if (vmoSizeBytes != null) {
    if (vmoSizeBytes < 64) {
      throw ArgumentError('VMO size must be at least 64 bytes.');
    vmoSize = vmoSizeBytes;