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service_connection library

*[<Null safety>](https://dart.dev/null-safety)*

A collection of utilities which allow for connecting to modular components



Context information that this component received at startup.


Helper class to connect to incoming services.


Helper class to publish outgoing services and other directories for debug and control purposes


The ServiceProviderImpl is a concrete implementation of the fidl_fuchsia_sys.ServiceProvider interface.


connectToAgentService<T>(String agentUrl, AsyncProxy<T> serviceProxy, {dynamic componentContextProxy}) void

TODO(fxbug.dev/49976): Remove this once clients have been migrated to use deprecatedConnectToAgentService().

deprecatedConnectToAgentService<T>(String? agentUrl, AsyncProxy<T>? serviceProxy, {dynamic componentContextProxy}) void

Connect to the service specified by serviceProxy and implemented by the agent with agentUrl. Optionally, provide a componentContextProxy which will be used to connect to the agent. If agentUrl is null then the framework will attempt to automatically resolve an appropriate agent for the service.

Exceptions / Errors


An Exception that can be thrown if the Incoming object is in a bad state.