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service_connection library



Helper class to connect to incoming services. ...


Helper class to publish outgoing services and other directories for debug and control purposes


The ServiceProviderImpl is a concrete implementation of the fidl.ServiceProvider interface.


Context information that this component received at startup. ...


connectToAgentService<T>(String agentUrl, AsyncProxy<T> serviceProxy, {dynamic componentContextProxy}) void

TODO( Remove this once clients have been migrated to use deprecatedConnectToAgentService().

deprecatedConnectToAgentService<T>(String agentUrl, AsyncProxy<T> serviceProxy, {dynamic componentContextProxy}) void

Connect to the service specified by serviceProxy and implemented by the agent with agentUrl. Optionally, provide a componentContextProxy which will be used to connect to the agent. If agentUrl is null then the framework will attempt to automatically resolve an appropriate agent for the service. ...

Exceptions / Errors


An Exception that can be thrown if the Incoming object is in a bad state.