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requestFocusById method

*[<Null safety>](*

Future<void> requestFocusById (int viewId)

Requests that focus be transferred to the remote Scene by ViewId This method is indended for use by FuchsiaViewConnection only.


Future<void> requestFocusById(int viewId) async {
  final args = <String, dynamic>{
    'viewId': viewId,

  final result = await FuchsiaViewsService.instance.platformViewChannel
      .invokeMethod('View.focus.requestById', args);
  // Throw OSError if result is non-zero. This may be because the ViewId is
  // invalid (i.e. the view has not been created or destroyed yet). If you are
  // trying to set focus on a FuchsiaViewConnection immediately after creating
  // it and it is failing you may be racing against scenic providing a view ref
  // back to the flutter engine, and it may be effective to wait a moment and retry.
  if (result != 0) {
    throw OSError(
      'Failed to request focus for view: $viewId with $result',