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level property

Level level

Effective level considering the levels established in this logger's parents (when hierarchicalLoggingEnabled is true).


Level get level {
  Level effectiveLevel;

  if (parent == null) {
    // We're either the root logger or a detached logger.  Return our own
    // level.
    effectiveLevel = _level;
  } else if (!hierarchicalLoggingEnabled) {
    effectiveLevel = root._level;
  } else {
    effectiveLevel = _level ?? parent.level;

  assert(effectiveLevel != null);
  return effectiveLevel;

level= (Level value)

Override the level for this particular Logger and its children.


set level(Level value) {
  if (!hierarchicalLoggingEnabled && parent != null) {
    throw UnsupportedError(
        'Please set "hierarchicalLoggingEnabled" to true if you want to '
        'change the level on a non-root logger.');
  _level = value;