Defined in fuchsia.auth.testing/legacy_auth_credential_injector.fidl

This interface is intended as an additional interface implemented by an AuthProvider. It allows a test component to inject persistent credentials into the AuthProvider. This interface is intended as a short term solution to enable end-to-end testing only and should not be generally used.


Injects a persistent credential to the AuthProvider. This API should only be called while there is an ongoing call to the AuthProvider's GetPersistentCredential method. Calling this causes GetPersistentCredential to return the supplied credential and UserProfileInfo. It additionally stops the UI overlay started by AuthProvider as part of the normal process for obtaining the credential.

user_profile_info should be information such as user id expected to be returned by the external identity provider when authenticating. credential should be a persistent credential provided by the external identity provider called by the AuthProvider.


user_profile_info fuchsia.auth/UserProfileInfo?
credential string