Defined in fuchsia.bluetooth.snoop/snooper.fidl

Interface to receive packets recorded as received or transmitted for a Bluetooth host. Packets are received by the client as datagrams through the fidl channel as OnPacket events.


Subscribe to receive packets from the server. Packets that have been recorded are sent first.

If follow is true, the channel stays open and packets are sent to the client as the snoop server receives them. If follow is false, the channel is closed by the server when all recorded packets have been sent.

A host_device name may be provided; if so, only events from that host are sent to the client. If host_device is absent, the client is sent events from all host devices.

Errors: Start can only be called once per connection. After the first request, subsequent requests always return an error. host_device values that are not recognized by the server return an error.


follow bool
host_device string?


status fuchsia.bluetooth/Status


An event containing a packet that the client has registered interest in receiving and the host_device which generated the packet.


host_device string
packet SnoopPacket



Defined in fuchsia.bluetooth.snoop/snooper.fidl

Timestamp represents the number of seconds and nanoseconds since the Unix epoch.

subsec_nanos uint32 Valid values for `subsec_nanos` can be greater than 10^9-1. Therefore the total seconds elapsed since the epoch is defined by the value of `seconds` plus `subsec_nanos` / 10^9 - the value of `seconds` alone may not be sufficient. It is invalid for the carry from `subsec_nanos` to overflow the `seconds` field. A client or server should reject such data as malformed. No default
seconds uint64 No default


Defined in fuchsia.bluetooth.snoop/snooper.fidl

is_received bool true if this packet is sent from the controller to the host. No default
type PacketType No default
timestamp Timestamp Timestamp that the bt-snoop service received the packet from a snoop channel as measured by the host system. No default
original_len uint32 Original length of the packet before truncation. No default
payload vector<uint8> Payload sent over the HCI. No default



Type: uint32

Defined in fuchsia.bluetooth.snoop/snooper.fidl

Messages coming through the Host Controller Interface can be one of three types.

CMD 0 Command sent from the host to the controller.
EVENT 1 Event sent from the controller to the host.
DATA 2 Data sent from the controller to the host.