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fx extract_pprof

Extract pprof data from inspect.json

inspect.json holds Inspect data generated as part of a snapshot (see fx snapshot).
pprof is a tool used to analyze profiling data (for more details, see Some components are configured to provide
the Inspect tool with pprof data that can later be used to analyze the running
program's state (memory, threads, etc.). This is especially useful after a
crash where developers can observe the last known state before the crash.

This tool extracts the pprof data for some component from inspect.json and
decodes it from its stored format (base64 encoded) into the format the pprof
tool will understand (raw binary). The pprof files will be extracted to a
temporary directory.

usage: fx extract_pprof --inspect FILE --component CMX

  --inspect   Path to the inspect.json file
  --component Component to extract pprof data for (i.e. netstack)

extract_pprof source code