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fx mem

invoke mem tool on target device

Usage: mem [options]
 Prints system-wide task and memory

 Memory numbers are triplets P,S,T
 P: Private bytes
 S: Total bytes scaled by 1/# processes sharing each byte
 T: Total bytes
    S and T are inclusive of P

[default]  Human readable representation of process and vmo groups
--trace    Enable tracing support
--print    Machine readable representation of proccess and vmos
--output   CSV of process memory
           --repeat=N Runs forever, outputing every N seconds
           --pid=N    Output vmo groups of process pid instead
--digest   Prints a bucketized digest of memory usage
--signal=L Signal userspace clients with memory pressure level L
           where L can be CRITICAL, WARNING or NORMAL. Clients can
           use this command to test their response to memory pressure.
           Does not affect the real memory pressure level on the system,
           or trigger any kernel memory reclamation tasks.

mem source code