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DEPRECATED! fx push-package

DEPRECATED! push packages to a device

usage: fx push-package [pkg1 pkg2 ...]

Deprecated: This command is deprecated as it is misleading. Packages in
Fuchsia are only cached, not installed, and the cache is updated on-demand
when a component is launched from a fuchsia package URL. An attempt to "push"
a package as implemented here only performs one of these resolutions, and may
or may not influence what happens "next" if a user "runs" a component url. As
such this command influences a poor mental model of the system and should be

Push packages to a device. One or more package names may be supplied. If no
package name is suppled all packages in the build output will be pushed. The
target must be reachable from the host and must already know how to reach
the host package server (i.e. fx serve must be running).

for more information about using this workflow.

push-package source code