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fx regen-goldens

regenerates golden files in the source tree

Usage: fx regen-goldens PATTERN ... [FLAGS]

Regenerates golden files for tools that match the given substring patterns.
If no patterns are provided, regenerates for all tools. Forwards all flags to
`fx test`, such as -o/--output to show test output (files being regenerated).


fx regen-goldens           # regen all goldens
fx regen-goldens fidlgen   # regen goldens for all fidlgen_* tools
fx regen-goldens fidlc -o  # regen fidlc goldens, printing verbose output

Supported tools:
  fidlc, fidldoc, fidlgen_dart, fidlgen_go, fidlgen_hlcpp, fidlgen_libfuzzer,
  fidlgen_llcpp, fidlgen_rust, fidlgen_syzkaller, gidl_llcpp

regen-goldens source code