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fx report-bug

report a bug for an fx command

       fx report-bug [<flags>] <command> [<args>]
         Report an issue on an fx <command>.

         <flags>: [optional] include:
             -v, --verbose: verbose output
             -h, --help : provide this help.

         <command>: any fx command.

         <args>: [optional] the arguments passed to the fx <command> that
                 caused the issue being reported, for inclusion in the bug

This tool will help file a bug on for the given command. It
parses the COMPONENT and OWNERS lines of the command's metadata or, if those
aren't present, the `per-file` and `# COMPONENT:` lines of their OWNERS
files. This parsing allows `report-bug` to specify which
component the bug should be filed in and who should be added to the "Cc:"

`fx report-bug` will print out a URL that can be pasted into a browser to
create a bug with the appropriate fields pre-filled. Just add the details
and submit it.

Be sure to include the <args> so the the bug report can show the exact
command invocation that exhibited the reported issue.

report-bug source code