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fx run

build Fuchsia and push to device

usage: fx run [--no-build|[NINJA OPTION,...]] [--no-pkg-check] [--no-kill] TARGET [ARG,...]

Build ALL targets.
Execute 'fx shell killall TARGET'.
Execute 'fx shell run TARGET [ARGS].

  --no-build               do not execute a build
  --no-pkg-check           do not check for a package server
  --no-kill                do not kill all instances of matching components

The following ninja options are passed to the build if invoked:
  -C, -f, -j, -k, -l, -t, -w.
See fx ninja --help for more information on these flags.

TARGET is any form that 'run' on the target device accepts, as such it may
be a package url, or a non-ambiguous short-form.
ARG is passed to target without interpretation. All arguments after TARGET
are passed to TARGET.

run source code