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DEPRECATED! fx run-test

DEPRECATED! build a test package and run on target.

usage: fx run-test PKG_TARGET [runtests flags]

This command is being deprecated in favor of `fx test`. Read more at:

Builds the update package group, updates the device as necessary, and then
executes the test as specified by [runtests flags] (or all tests in
PKG_TARGET if no flags are given).

  PKG_TARGET    A package name as appears in `fx list-packages`
  All later arguments are passed directly to `runtests`, see `fx run-test -h` for all flags.

Known Bugs: After run-test, performing a pave without executing 'fx build'
results in "appmgr not started after 20s", as this command only builds new
packages, it avoids creating new paver artifacts, as such, a pave without a
fresh build produces a system with inconsistent state.

run-test source code