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DEPRECATED! fx run-test-component

DEPRECATED! build a test package and run on target.

This command is being deprecated in favor of `fx test`. Read more at:

usage: fx run-test-component [-t|--test <test_name>] [-d|--device <device>] PKG_TARGET
Builds the specified test package (e.g., appmgr_integration_tests), copies it to the
target, and executes it.

PKG_TARGET is fully qualified or under fuchsia-pkg://

If using this command, please run 'fx build' again before paving your device
because 'fx build updates' used by this script does not build images so it
can leave paver in weird state.
  -t|--test    Test to run. If not specified, it will run all tests in PKG_TARGET.
  -d|--device  Target device.

run-test-component source code