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fx scrutiny

An extensible security auditing framework and toolkit for Fuchsia.

Scrutiny provides a plugin-based architecture for building custom analyzers for
Fuchsia. Launching fx scrutiny and typing the help command will list all of the
available commands. The set of available commands changes based on which plugins
are loaded.

scrutiny shell [OPTIONS]

  -h, --help       Prints help information
  -V, --version    Prints version information

To run these examples first launch scrutiny with fx scrutiny from the cmdline. The
command line interface supports tab completion and history. Alternatively commands
can be run directly from the parent shell using fx scrutiny -c "command".

  - Lists all the commands and their basic help information.
help packages
  - Lists help information specifically for the packages command.
  - Lists all of the packages in the current build.
search.packages --files libcrypto
  - Lists all packages that have a file named libcrypto in the current build.
tool.package.extract --url fuchsia-pkg:// --output /tmp/vim
  - Outputs the contents of package vim to /tmp/vim based on your current build.
  - Extracts the cmdline arguments set in the Zircon Boot Image (ZBI).
tool.zbi.extract --input fuchsia.zbi --output /tmp/zbi
  - Extracts a ZBI and its sections to /tmp/zbi.
tool.fvm.extract --input fvm.blk --ouput /tmp/fvm
  - Extracts the internal filesystems from a Fuchsia Volume Manager block 
  - Lists the currently loaded Scrutiny plugins.

The visualizer by default will run at when you launch scrutiny.
This small webserver provides access to a component graph visualization along
with some basic UIs for searching package contents.

scrutiny source code