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fx vdl

usage: fx vdl [-a <action>] [-d <device_launcher>] [-c <text>] [-e <directory>] [-H|--headless] [--software-gpu] [-N] [-u <path>]
  -a <text> action, allowed values: start, kill. Default is start
  -d <path> device_launcher/vdl binary location. Defaults to looking in prebuilt/vdl/device_launcher
  -c <text> append item to kernel command line, currently not supported.
  -ds <size> extends the fvm image size to <size> bytes. Default is 2G
  -N run with emulated nic via tun/tap
  -e <directory> location of emulator, defaults to looking in prebuilt/third_party/aemu/PLATFORM
  -H|--headless run in headless mode
  -p <text> extra packages to serve to FEMU.
  -u <path> execute emu if-up script, default: linux: no script, macos: tap ifup script.
  --host-gpu run with host GPU acceleration, this doesn't work on remote-desktop && headless=false.
  --software-gpu run without host GPU acceleration, default.

vdl source code