Fuchsia has this reference documentation:

  • FIDL

    FIDL (or "Fuchsia Interface Definition Language") is the IPC system for Fuchsia.

  • C++

    Lists the C++ headers that you can use while developing for Fuchsia.

  • Rust

    Lists the available rust crates that you can use while developing Fuchsia.

  • Tools

    Tools for Fuchsia source contributors.

  • System calls

    System calls allow you to make requests from the user space into the Zircon kernel.

  • Kernel objects

    Zircon is an object-based kernel. User mode code almost exclusively interacts with OS resources via object handles.

  • Kernel

    The Zircon kernel receives a textual commandline from the bootloader, which can be used to alter some behaviours of the system.

  • Product configuration

    Fuchsia's product configuration documentation for Bazel SDK defines the various options that you can use to configure a product when building with Bazel.

  • Diagnostics

    Fuchsia's diagnostics documentation provides information about the tools and techniques used to identify and diagnose issues within Fuchsia.

  • Tracing

    The purpose of Fuchsia tracing is to provide a means to collect, aggregate, and visualize diagnostic tracing information from Fuchsia user space processes and the Zircon kernel.