A2dpConfig Configuration options for Bluetooth audio streaming (bt-a2dp).
ArchivistConfig Diagnostics configuration options for the archivist configuration area.
ArchivistPipeline A single archivist pipeline config.
AssemblyConfig Configuration for a Product Assembly operation. This is a high-level operation that takes a more abstract description of what is desired in the assembled product images, and then generates the complete Image Assembly configuration (`crate::config::ImageAssemblyConfig`) from that.
AudioConfig Failed to generate docs for complex AudioConfig enum: b/332348955 The audio stack to use in the platform.
AudioCoreConfig Configuration options for the AudioCore stack.
AvrcpConfig Configuration options for Bluetooth media controls (bt-avrcp).
BatteryConfig Platform configuration options for the battery.
BlobFvmVolumeConfig Configuration options for a blob filesystem.
BlobfsLayout The internal layout of blobfs.
BluetoothConfig Failed to generate docs for complex BluetoothConfig enum: b/332348955 Platform configuration options for Bluetooth. The default platform configuration does not include any Bluetooth packages.
BluetoothProfilesConfig Platform configuration to enable Bluetooth profiles.
BrightnessManager no description
BuildInfoConfig Configuration options for build info.
BuildType The platform BuildTypes. These control security and behavioral settings within the platform, and can change the platform packages placed into the assembled product image.
CameraConfig The camera settings for the platform.
CobaltConfig Configuration options for the cobalt configuration area.
ComponentIdIndexConfig Platform configuration options for the component id index which describes consistent storage IDs to use for component monikers. If the monikers change, the IDs can stay consistent, ensuring that the storage does not need to be migrated to a new location.
ComponentPolicyConfig Configuration options for the component policy.
DataFilesystemFormat The data format to use inside the fvm.
DataFvmVolumeConfig Configuration options for a data filesystem.
DevelopmentSupportConfig Platform configuration options for enabling development support.
DiagnosticsConfig Diagnostics configuration options for the diagnostics area.
DriverDetails Details about a package that contains drivers.
DriverFrameworkConfig Platform configuration options for driver framework support.
DriverHostCrashPolicy Configuration options for how to act when a driver host crashes.
ExampleConfig This struct configures the example subsystem which is used for documentation and testing. The example subsystem is only configured when the example enabled option is set.
FactoryDataConfig Platform configuration options for the factory data store.
FeatureControl Options for features that may either be forced on, forced off, or allowed to be either on or off. Features default to disabled.
FeatureSupportLevel The platform's base service level. This is the basis for the contract with the product as to what the minimal set of services that are available in the platform will be. Features can be enabled on top of this most-basic level, but some features will require a higher basic level of support. These were initially based on the product definitions that are used to provide the basis for all other products: bringup.gni (Bootstrap) +--> minimal.gni (Minimal) +--> core.gni +--> (everything else) The `Utility` level is between `Bootstrap` and `Minimal`, adding the `/core` realm and those children of `/core` needed by all systems that include `/core`. The standard (default) level is `Minimal`. It is the level that should be used by products' main system.
FeedbackConfig Configuration options for the feedback configuration area.
FileRelativePathBuf Failed to generate docs for complex FileRelativePathBuf enum: b/332348955 A Utf8PathBuf which can be either file-relative, or has been resolved with the path to the containing file. The 'serde::Deserialize' implementation results in these path being in the file-relative state. The FileRelativePathBuf has 'From' implementations that create it in the "resolved" state when converting from path formats that are used by an application (str, String, Utf8Path, Utf8PathBuf, etc.) ``` use assembly_file_relative_path::FileRelativePathBuf; let path: FileRelativePathBuf = "some/path/to/file_1.json".into(); assert_eq!( path, FileRelativePathBuf::Resolved("some/path/to/file_1.json".into()) ); let relative = path.make_relative_to_dir("some/path")?; assert_eq!( relative, FileRelativePathBuf::FileRelative("to/file_1.json".into()) ); ```
FilesystemImageMode Whether the filesystem should be placed in a separate partition, in a ramdisk, or nonexistent.
FontsConfig Assembly platform configuratio schema for the Fonts subsystem.
ForensicsConfig Configuration options for the forensics area.
FormatDataOnCorruption Whether for format the data filesystem when a corruption is detected.
FvmVolumeConfig A FVM volume.
GraphicsConfig Platform configuration options for the graphics are.
HfpConfig Configuration options for Bluetooth hands free calling (bt-hfp).
ICUConfig System assembly configuration for the ICU subsystem.
ICUType no description
ImageName The filename to use for the zbi and vbmeta.
InputDeviceType Options for input devices that may be supported.
InputGroupsConfig Platform configuration options for the opaque input groups.
IntlConfig Platform configuration options for the input area.
MdnsConfig Platform configuration options to use for the mdns area.
MemoryMonitorConfig Diagnostics configuration options for the memory monitor configuration area.
MemorySize Failed to generate docs for complex MemorySize enum: b/332348955 Amount of memory.
MultizoneConfig The multizone_leader settings for the platform.
NetstackVersion Network stack version to use.
NetworkingConfig Which networking type to use (standard or basic).
OtaConfigs Configuration for the Omaha Client
PipelineType Failed to generate docs for complex PipelineType enum: b/332348955 no description
PlatformConfig Platform configuration options. These are the options that pertain to the platform itself, not anything provided by the product.
PlatformConnectivityConfig Platform configuration options for the connectivity area.
PlatformKernelConfig Platform configuration options for the kernel area.
PlatformMediaConfig Platform configuration options for the starnix area.
PlatformNetworkConfig Platform configuration options for the network area.
PlatformParavirtualizationConfig Platform configuration options for paravirtualization.
PlatformSessionConfig Platform configuration options for the session.
PlatformStarnixConfig Platform configuration options for the starnix area.
PlatformUiConfig Platform configuration options for the UI area.
PlatformVirtualizationConfig Platform configuration options for the virtualization area.
PlatformWlanConfig Platform configuration options for the wlan area.
PolicyConfig Allows the product owner to define the values that the Omaha Client's FuchsiaPolicy implementation is configured with.
PolicyLabels The SWD Policies are laid out in [RFC-0118](https://
PowerConfig Platform configuration options for the starnix area.
ProductConfig The Product-provided configuration details.
ProductConfigData no description
ProductFilesystemConfig The product options for configuring the filesystem. The options include which filesystems to build and how, but do not contain constraints derived from the board or partition size.
ProductInfoConfig Configuration options for product info.
ProductPackageDetails Describes in more detail a package to add to the assembly.
ProductPackagesConfig Packages provided by the product, to add to the assembled images. This also includes configuration for those packages: ```json5 packages: { base: [ { manifest: "path/to/package_a/package_manifest.json", }, { manifest: "path/to/package_b/package_manifest.json", config_data: { "foo.cfg": "path/to/some/source/file/foo.cfg", "bar/more/data.json": "path/to/some.json", }, }, ], cache: [] } ```
RecoveryConfig Platform configuration options for recovery.
RendererType Options for Scenic renderers that may be supported.
ReservedFvmVolumeConfig Configuration options for reserving space in the fvm.
Revision Failed to generate docs for complex Revision enum: b/332348955 no description
SamplerConfig Diagnostics configuration options for the sampler configuration area.
SetUiConfig Platform configuration options for the input area.
Snoop Specifies the configuration for the Bluetooth Snoop component (`bt-snoop`).
StorageConfig Platform configuration options for storage support.
TestFuzzingConfig Platform configuration options for driver load testing.
ThreadConfig Platform configuration options to use for the thread area.
TimekeeperConfig Platform configuration options for the input area.
TrustedApp A configuration for a component which depends on TEE-based protocols. Examples include components which implement DRM, or authentication services.
Type The type if intl configuration to be used.
UnsignedIntegerRangeInclusive no description
UpdateChecker Failed to generate docs for complex UpdateChecker enum: b/332348955 The UpdateChecker enum represents the particular implementation of the update-checker tool on the target that the `update` package depends on
UsbConfig Platform configuration options for usb.
UsbPeripheralConfig Configure how the USB peripheral subsystem should work.
UsbPeripheralFunction no description
VerificationFailureAction Defines the behavior of the system-update-committer package when update verification fails
ViewingDistance no description
VolumeConfig Failed to generate docs for complex VolumeConfig enum: b/332348955 How to configure the filesystem volume. Some systems may configure this without actually generating filesystem images in order to configure fshost without needing an actual filesystem.
WeaveConfig Platform configuration options to use for the weave area.
WlanPolicyLayer no description
WlanRecoveryProfile no description
WlanRoamingProfile no description
software_delivery A representative struct of all the configurable details of the software delivery system made available to a product owner