Platform configuration options for the UI area.

with_synthetic_device_support bool Set with_synthetic_device_support true to include input-helper to ui.
viewing_distance ViewingDistance unknown
supported_input_devices vector The relevant input device bindings from which to install appropriate input handlers. Default to an empty set.
sensor_config Option<Utf8PathBuf> The sensor config to provide to the input pipeline.
renderer RendererType The renderer Scenic should use. vulkan
pointer_auto_focus bool Scenic shifts focus from view to view as the user interacts with the UI. Set to false for Smart displays, as they use a different programmatic focus change scheme.
frame_scheduler_min_predicted_frame_duration_in_us uint64 The minimum frame duration for frame scheduler. 0
enabled bool Whether UI should be enabled on the product.
display_rotation uint64 0
display_pixel_density string
display_mode_vertical_resolution_px_range UnsignedIntegerRangeInclusive The constraints on the display mode vertical resolution, in pixels. [object]
display_mode_refresh_rate_millihertz_range UnsignedIntegerRangeInclusive The constraints on the display mode refresh rate, in millihertz (10^-3 Hz). [object]
display_mode_horizontal_resolution_px_range UnsignedIntegerRangeInclusive The constraints on the display mode horizontal resolution, in pixels. [object]
display_composition bool Scenic attempts to delegate composition of client images to the display controller, with GPU/Vulkan composition as the fallback. If false, GPU/Vulkan composition is always used.
brightness_manager BrightnessManager Whether to include brightness manager, and the relevant configs.