The product options for configuring the filesystem. The options include which filesystems to build and how, but do not contain constraints derived from the board or partition size.

watch_for_nand bool Make fshost watch for NAND devices.
volume VolumeConfig Which volume to build to hold the filesystems. fxfs
no_zxcrypt bool Disable zxcrypt. This argument only applies when using minfs.
image_name ImageName The filename to use for the zbi and vbmeta. fuchsia
image_mode FilesystemImageMode Whether the filesystem image should be placed in a separate partition, in a ramdisk, or nonexistent. partition
format_data_on_corruption FormatDataOnCorruption If format_data_on_corruption is true (the default), fshost formats minfs partition on finding it corrupted. Set to false to keep the devices in a corrupted state which might be of help to debug issues. true