Platform configuration options for the network area.

use_unified_binary bool Controls whether the unified binary for networking should be used. The unified binary provides space savings for space-constrained products, trading off multiple small binaries for one large binary that is smaller than the sum of its separate parts thanks to linking optimizations.
networking NetworkingConfig Only used to control networking for the `utility` and `minimal` feature_set_levels.
netstack_version NetstackVersion netstack2
netstack_config_path Option<Utf8PathBuf>
netcfg_config_path Option<Utf8PathBuf>
include_tun bool Whether to include network-tun.
http_client_stop_on_idle_timeout_millis int64 Controls how long the http client will wait when it is idle before it escrows its FIDL connections back to the component framework and exits. If the value is negative or left out, then the http client will not stop after it idles.
google_maps_api_key_path Option<Utf8PathBuf>