Fuchsia F13 release notes

Date: August 3, 2023

Version: F13

The following changes have been implemented:

Application Runtimes (Flutter, Starnix, and Web)


The following updates have been made for Starnix:

  • Added initial support for generic netlink.
  • Added initial support for sysfs.
  • Added initial support for RISC-V.
  • Added fixes to get more LTP tests to pass.
  • Added support for FUSE syscalls.
  • Added support for mounting ext4 from VMO-backed sources.
  • Added support for block read ahead queue.
  • Added support for inotify.
  • Added support for SIOCGIFFLAGS/SIOCSIFFLAGS in ioctl.
  • Added support for InputDevice and keyboard events.
  • Implemented ioctls for LoopDevice (/dev/loopN).
  • Implemented fork() syscall.
  • Implemented vDSO backed clock_getres() syscall.
  • Implemented /proc/<pid>/oom_*.
  • Initial support for Fxfs in Starnix.
  • Fixed issues related to UTC and timer.
  • Fixed issues related to seccomp.
  • Fixed security related issues and performed general cleanups.
  • Refactored and fixed remote_binder.


The following updates have been made for Developer workflows:

  • Added enforcement of FIDL libraries used in host tools that are part of the SDK.
  • Initial support for Fuchsia-controller available in source tree.
  • Removed legacy overnet protocol. Overnet exclusively used a circuit switched connection.


The following updates have been made for Diagnostics:

  • Removed the Dart Inspect library from the Fuchsia source tree.
  • Updated Archivist to write logs to serial instead of the console.
  • Updated Archivist to no longer ingest CFv1 data.
  • Updated the diagnostics tools to accept monikers prefixed with /,, ./, or nothing.


The following updates have been made for FIDL:

  • Added requirement for explicit unknown interactions keywords.
  • Moved FIDL Dart support out of the Fuchsia source tree.
  • Removed FIDL C bindings.

Software Delivery

The following updates have been made for Software Delivery:

  • Added support for fxblob.
  • Deleted fuchsia.pkg/PackageCache.Open.
  • Stopped exposing the pkgfs/versions directory.