Fuchsia F16 release notes

Date: February 14, 2024

Version: F16

The following changes have been implemented:

Application Runtimes (Flutter, Starnix, and Web)


The following updates have been made for Starnix:

  • Added support for /dev/uinput and route it appropriately to the Fuchsia input subsystem.
  • Added a double-paging Ext4 reader for Starnix which adds a user pager to Starnix for pager-backed Ext4 files.
  • Added initial support for integrating the Zircon scheduler with Starnix profiles. This allows the Starnix kernel to communicate with the Zircon kernel about the scheduling disciplines and parameters requested by Linux system calls.
  • Added support for multiple sync points per sync file in Magma. This is part of the overall effort to implement sync file descriptors support.
  • Added optimization for usercopy in Starnix.
  • Added /sys/class and /sys/block subsystems.
  • Added /sys/power/\{wakeup_count, state, sync_on_suspend\}
  • Added additional support for various ptrace functions.
  • Added default FIONREAD ioctl.
  • Enabled RISC-V support in Starnix with basic tests running (Starnix with vDSO tests).
  • Ensure that additional gVisor and LTP tests pass across the board.
  • Fixed and improved the handling of tasks in binder and remote-binder.
  • Fixed modify and last access time in remote-fs.
  • Implemented FUTEX_LOCK_PI and FUTEX_UNLOCK_PI.
  • Implemented additional syscalls in vDSO, resulting in performance improvements.
  • Implemented timer_* syscalls.
  • Implemented usercopy routines using exceptions which improves performance.
  • Improved binder performance by using a BTreeSet instead of HashSet to store binder's RefCountActions.
  • Improved Starnix imports, globs, and split various libraries into crates.
  • Improved and fixed lock ordering across Starnix.
  • Initial implementation of SELinux server in Starnix.

Connectivity (Bluetooth, IOT, WLAN, Netstack)

The following updates have been made for Connectivity:


  • Fixed an issue where some headphones were not showing up in Bluetooth Devices when scanning for devices.
  • Fixed additional issues where media info was not showing up when paired with some phones.
  • Fixed a volume control issue when using a device as a speaker.
  • Fixed an issue where audio was not sent to headphones while connecting a headset during a Duo call.

Connectivity Drivers

  • Added the ability to recover the FW sub system on SDIO timeouts.
  • Added minor fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed stability issues for firmware recovery.
  • Re-enabled sdio_timeout recovery trigger condition.
  • Added a request for SDIO card reset during FW recovery.


  • Added support for Air Quality Sensor.
  • Added support for subscribing to all device fabrics.
  • Added support for Matter update group.
  • Added transition time handling for commands related to color.


  • Rolled out TREL which aims to reduce Thread partition and reduce Thread network usage when possible.


The following updates have been made for Developer workflows:


  • Changed the auth library used by ffx product to use gcloud client id and secret.
  • Stopped producing Product Bundle version 1.

Command Line

  • Added fuchsia-sdk-run to the IDK.
  • Added funnel to the SDK.
  • Added ffx test to SDK.
  • Added ffx package archive add.
  • Added ffx package archive remove.
  • ffx assembly: Added support for power-manager configuration to board input bundles.
  • ffx assembly: Added support for power-manager thermal configuration to board input bundles.
  • ffx assembly: Moved kernel into its own platform input bundle.
  • ffx component start: Added --debug flag.
  • ffx debug: Fixed help for --debugger flag.
  • ffx emu: Updated the start help documentation.
  • ffx product: Added support for getting product version from the product bundle.
  • ffx product: Added --machine product lookup. Also added a fix for list.
  • ffx scrutiny: Added a pre_signing scrutiny verifier.
  • Removed ffx guest as it's no longer used.
  • Removed the deprecated ffx product get command.
  • Removed the deprecated oob auth for ffx product.
  • Removed ffx power from the SDK.
  • Removed lsblk from ffx driver.


The following updates have been made for Diagnostics:

  • Added support for log_listener to return JSON logs.
  • Added log macros to the C++ and Rust syslog libraries.
  • Improved memory usage across many components by lazily initializing the Publisher in diagnostics_log.
  • Improved the support of tracing crate spans on the Rust logging library.
  • Updated the diagnostics pipeline configurations to be part of assembly.


The following updates have been made for FIDL:

  • Added enforcement of the replacement syntax from RFC-0231.
  • Implemented the replacement syntax from RFC-0231.
  • Improved error message for @available order.
  • Updated bindings for HLCPP to emit alias definitions.


The following updates have been made for Firmware:

  • Updated build to 64-bit compiler toolchain.

Fleet Services (Managed OS and Forensics)

The following updates have been made for Fleet Services:


  • Switched to HPKE for encryption which reduces network bandwidth usage.

Platform Drivers

The following updates have been made for Platform Drivers:

  • Fixed a bug in CRC calculation for GPT (GUID Partition Table).


The following updates have been made for Timekeeping:

  • Improved UTC clock management.