Fuchsia F18 release notes

Date: May 3, 2024

Version: F18

The following changes have been implemented:

Application Runtimes (Flutter, Starnix, and Web)


The following updates have been made for Starnix:

  • Added support for strace.
  • Added support for RISC-V Vector, enabling more RISC-V tests.

Connectivity (Bluetooth, IOT, WLAN, Netstack)

The following updates have been made for Connectivity:


  • Added additional detection of WLAN hardware error conditions which allows for automatic connection recovery.


  • Added support for managing internet settings on devices.
  • Added capabilities in FIDL to support lowpan for the Thread Internet Settings toggle.


  • Added support for handling multiple IP addresses simultaneously when discovering devices.


The following updates have been made for Developer workflows:


  • Added schema and validation for ffx version.
  • Added support for machine JSON to ffx target show.
  • Added virtuo-gpu-pci device for QEMU builds.
  • Increased the path length limits for ffx trace.
  • Updated ffx config to allow host tool path overrides.

Command Line

  • Added assembly logic for cpu manager.
  • Added assembly logic for the power metrics recorder.
  • Added boilerplate for ffx net filter command.
  • Added ffx repository package-archive.
  • Added platform resources to product size checker.
  • Added support to allow overriding of test label for golden files.
  • Added support to allow repeating with retry in ffx target echo.
  • Added support in ffx to allow serving a repository without a device.
  • Added support for subpackages in the Fuchsia repository.
  • Deprecated the original ffx net filter command to be replaced with a new one.
  • Removed Get and SetMinDriverLogSeverity from the fdf Controller interface.
  • Removed unused route allowlist feature in scrutiny.
  • Updated the help text of the ffx device and ffx list-devices commands.


The following updates have been made for Diagnostics:

  • Removed deprecated LogSettings.RegisterInterest
  • Sampler now includes power metrics related data
  • Archivist can now be configured using configuration capabilities
  • The contract between netstack2 and archivist was updated with explicit directory routing
  • ffx log --select now takes precedence over the --severity flag
  • FDF DriverBase now provides an inspector
  • Log verbosity is now consistently encoded as severity


The following updates have been made for FIDL:

  • Added update to allow dead code in traits for the rust toolchain.
  • Added fuchsia-controller float conformance tests.
  • Enabled remaining encode tests.
  • Fixed type shape bugs.
  • Unblocked -Wextra-qualification.
  • Updated fuchsia-controller union tests for conformance.
  • Refactored conversions and disallow integer<->float in fidlc.
  • Removed @transitional.
  • Removed HasClone and HasCopy from fidlc.
  • Removed outdated tests and documentation.
  • Removed --tables flag from fidlc.

Graphics and Media

The following updates have been made for Graphics and Media:

  • Added mali driver for out of tree development.

HCI (Input, A11y, i18n, and View System)

The following updates have been made for UI:

  • Fixed brightness channel overflows.


The following updates have been made for testing:

  • Added update to retrieve kernel coverage data through a new ffx tool.