Fuchsia F7 release notes

Date: September 20, 2022

Version: F7

The following updates have been implemented:

Issue: Large buffer is reserved at boot time that creates pressure on memory management allocation.
Impact: Update has been made to deliver dynamic contiguous memory management (CMM) for high-resource applications to reduce unexpected restarts.

Issue: Audio issue causing latency during video conferencing calls.
Impact: Updates were made using deadline thread profiles to improve audio for video conferencing calls.

Issue: Media latency affecting streaming applications.
Impact: Improvements were made to deadline parameters, resource utilization, and memory zeroing to improve responsiveness of streaming applications.

Issue: WPA3 WLAN networks that required anti-clogging tokens were experiencing connection failures.
Impact: The affected WLAN networks were configured with WPA3 security and require support for anti-clogging tokens to prevent connection failures.

Issue: Issue causing the device under test (DUT) to install encryption keys at the wrong time, resulting in failures to decode packets from the access point (AP), which in turn shows up as a connection failure.
Impact: Connection failure issues have been fixed.