Fuchsia F17 release notes

Date: May 3, 2024

Version: F17

The following changes have been implemented:


The following updates have been made for Developer workflows:


  • Updated ffx to print all subcommands from ffx --help.
  • Updated ffx flash to use event based reconnect.
  • Updated ffx screenshot to support machine output.
  • Updated ffx ssh to enable using ssh-agent identities.
  • Validate ffx subtool machine outputs against schema.

Command Line

  • Added support for Composite audio devices in ffx client.
  • Added ffx debug crash.
  • Added ffx-starnix to the partner SDK.
  • Added a break-on-failure option for ffx test.
  • Added an option to disable symbolizer for ffx log.
  • Added a switch to force spawning a new DebugAgent for ffx debug.
  • Added support for lists based on a branch for making a product bundle with ffx.
  • Added netstack as OWNERS of ffx net.
  • Added support for downloading product bundle based on a product name and skip the lookup.
  • Added a command to collect early boot profiles.
  • Added a tool runner installer to ffx sdk.
  • Cleaned up old help flags related to --no-auto-attach-limbo for zxdb.
  • Cleaned up test targets for ffx test.
  • Improved the build error messages for goldens with ffx.
  • Normalized bug URLs for fxbug.dev.
  • Removed ffx schema.
  • Removed the escape hatch for daemon flashing and bootloader in ffx target.
  • Removed unused NUD configuration parameters in netstack.
  • Symbolize fxt files for tracing.