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Mailing lists

Stay informed about the Fuchsia project by joining an email list through Google Groups.

General discussion

The following are general Fuchsia discussion groups (mailing lists):

Group Purpose
announce A read-only list for announcements about Fuchsia.
discuss For general conversation about Fuchsia.
Discord community Fuchsia's Discord community.
testability-discuss Discussion list for general conversation about testable code and Fuchsia’s testability rubrics.

Topic discussion

The following discussion groups (mailing lists) are for specific areas of Fuchsia:

Group Purpose
a11y-dev For conversation about accessibility on Fuchsia.
audio-dev For conversation about audio on Fuchsia.
camera-dev Discussions about the development of Fuchsia's camera APIs.
component-framework-dev For conversation about Component Framework.
connectivity-dev For conversation about connectivity and networking on Fuchsia.
diagnostics-dev Discussions about the development of diagnostics features and services, such as Inspect, Logs, and the Archivist.
docs-discuss For conversation about about documentation on
drivers-dev For conversation about drivers .
fidl-dev For conversation about FIDL .
graphics-dev For conversation about graphics on Fuchsia.
intl-dev For conversation about internationalization and localization on Fuchsia.
media-dev For conversation about media and playback on Fuchsia.
pkg-dev For conversation about Package .
sdk-dev For conversation about the Fuchsia IDK , formerly called the Fuchsia SDK.
security-dev For conversation about Fuchsia’s security architecture.
session-framework-dev For conversation about Session framework .
storage-dev For conversation about filesystems and other storage concerns on Fuchsia.
toolchain-dev For conversation about Fuchsia’s C/C++, Go, and Rust toolchain support.
rust-users Discussion list specifically for Rust toolchain support in Fuchsia.
ui-input-dev Discussion list for those working on user input events.
zircon-dev For conversation about Zircon .

Platform governance and management

The following discussion groups are for communicating with Fuchsia’s leadership:

Group Purpose
api-council Discussion list for communicating with the Fuchsia API Council.
community-managers Inbound-only discussion list for contacting Fuchsia’s Community Managers with concerns or questions.
eng-council Discussion list for communicating with the Fuchsia Eng Council about review requests, RFC feedback, or RFC escalations.
eng-council-discuss Discussion list for communicating with the Fuchsia Eng Council.