Project name


Please copy this template, fill in the blanks, and delete this meta section. Everything you see here is just a suggestion. Feel free to edit as needed.

Goal & motivation

What did we set out to accomplish?

Why are we doing this?

Technical background

Things that contributors need to know.

Information can be presented inline or as links to other sources.

How to help

Picking a task

Is there a particular expression in the source tree that a contributor could look for to find tasks? Is there an allowlist that needs to be reduced to zero? Is there a hotlist of bugs to close?

Doing a task

What needs doing. FAQs. Playbooks.

Completing a task

How to check in your progress. Close a bug? Scratch off an allowlist entry? Mark a bug as fixed?

If code reviews are needed, how to find a reviewer?


Link to an example of a task being done, such as a change or a fixed bug.


Reach out for questions or for status updates: