Before you create a shortlink, review the shortlink rubric to determine if your shortlink proposal meets the requirements.

  1. Review the /docs/go/_redirects.yaml file to make sure that the proposed keyword doesn't already exist.
  2. If the keyword is available, append the following to /docs/go/_redirects.yaml:

    - from: /docs/go/keyword
      to: /docs/path_of_shortlink
  3. Send your change for review.

  4. Add a shortlink reviewer to review your change.

If your proposal is rejected, a reviewer will list the reason for the rejection and include a rationale.

If your proposal is approved, you may submit your shortlink. Once the change is rolled into the build, the shortlink will go live on The link will resolve at both<keyword> and<keyword>.

Become a reviewer

Reviewers are expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Reviewers must be knowledgeable about Fuchsia. Typically, contributors acquire this knowledge by working on the project for a substantial amount of time and by interacting with multiple parts of the system.

  • Reviewers must enforce the shortlink criteria detailed in the rubric.

If you meet the review criteria, you can create a change to propose yourself as a member by editing the OWNERS file of the /docs/go/ directory.