Modifying non-inclusive words in mdlint

Fuchsia uses mdlint, a Markdown linter to enforce specific rules for documentation in the Fuchsia Source Tree. mdlint has a non-inclusive language detector that uses a JSON file of non-inclusive words and their respective alternatives.

To update, remove, or add to the non-inclusive language list:

Update the list

  1. Open /tools/mdlint/rules/respectful_code_words.json.
  2. To add or modify suggestions for a non-inclusive word, append a comma and write your new suggestion. For example:

    "master": "main, primary,new suggestion",

Remove from list

  1. Open /tools/mdlint/rules/respectful_code_words.json.
  2. Delete the entire line containing the non-inclusive word and suggestions.

Add to list

  1. Open /tools/mdlint/rules/respectful_code_words.json.
  2. Add a newline between the words based upon the alphabetical order of the words in the list.
  3. Add your word with its respective inclusive suggestions. For example:

    "non-inclusive word": "first inclusive suggestion, second inclusive suggestion...",