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Fuchsia is a modern open source operating system that’s simple, secure, updatable, and performant. It provides core operating system functions like system resource management, a driver framework, and software abstractions. Fuchsia is a general purpose operating system designed to power a diverse ecosystem of hardware and software.

SDK or source tree?

Fuchsia is an open source project in active development at Google. There are two ways to work with Fuchsia: you can build products and software for Fuchsia using the SDK, or contribute to the source tree to build the Fuchsia platform.

SDK - Build software for Fuchsia

Fuchsia has an SDK with tools to help you get started developing software that will run on Fuchsia. Before you begin building your software, it is recommended you learn about the fundamentals of using the Fuchsia SDK.

Fundamentals for SDK

Source tree - Contribute to Fuchsia

As Fuchsia is an open source project, you can contribute to the Fuchsia source tree. Before you begin contributing, it’s recommended that you learn about the fundamentals about the Fuchsia platform to understand how Fuchsia works.

Fundamentals for contributors