Developing and debugging zxdb


For developers working on the debugger, you can activate the --debug-mode flag that will activate many logging statements for the debugger:

zxdb --debug-mode

You can also debug the client on GDB or LLDB on your host machine.

  • Use the unstripped binary in host_x64/exe.unstripped to get symbols.
  • The Fuchsia build generates symbols relative to your build directory (out/x64 or similar), so you must run GDB/LLDB with that as the current directory.
  • Launching zxdb from the debugger with the right flags to connect can be tricky. To debug initialization, copy the command-line from "ps". Otherwise, it's easiest to attach after starting the debugger in the normal fashion.
cd out/x64    # Substitute your build directory as needed.
sudo gdb host_x64/exe.unstripped/zxdb
... GDB startup messages ...
(gdb) attach 12345    # Use the PID of the zxdb already running.
... the program will be stopped when GDB attaches ...
(gdb) continue

There are tests for the debugger that run on the host. These are relevant if you're working on the debugger client.

cd out/x64    # Substitute your build directory as needed.

To run the unit tests in the debugger:

cd out/x64
cp host_x64/exe.unstripped/zxdb_tests host_x64/
gdb host_x64/zxdb_tests

Most tests can be debugged by omitting the copy step and debugging the symbolized file in exe_unstripped directly, but some tests require data files at a certain place relative to the test binary and these will fail.

Debug Agent

Similar as with the client, the debug agent is programmed to log many debug statements when run with the --debug-mode flag:

run fuchsia-pkg:// --debug-mode

It is also possible to attach the debugger to the debugger. The preferred way to do this is to make zxdb catch the debugger on launch using the filtering feature. This is done frequently by the debugger team.

// Run the debugger that will attach to the "to-be-debugged" debug agent.
fx debug

// * Within zxdb.
[zxdb] attach debug_agent

// Launch another debug agent manually
// * Within the target (requires another port).
run fuchsia-pkg:// --port=5000 --debug-mode

// * Within the first zxdb:
Attached Process 1 [Running] koid=12345 debug_agent.cmx
  The process is currently in an initializing state. You can set pending
  breakpoints (symbols haven't been loaded yet) and "continue".
[zxdb] continue

// Now there is a running debug agent that is attached by the first zxdb run.
// You can also attach to it using another client (notice the port):
fx zxdb --connect [<IPv6 to target>]:5000 --debug-mode

// Now you have two running instances of the debugger!

To run the debug agent tests:

fx test debug_agent_unit_tests
fx test debug_agent_integration_tests