How to run performance tests

The primary way to run a performance test locally is to run its host-side entry point. These entry points are defined in src/tests/end_to_end/perf/. These are what are used in Fuchsia Infra builds for collecting performance results for uploading to Chromeperf. Running one of these entry points involves the following:

  • Use the terminal product, in order to match what is tested on Fuchsia Infra in CI and CQ. Example:

    fx set terminal.x64-reduced-perf-variation --with //bundles/buildbot/terminal
    fx build
  • Launch Fuchsia on hardware or on an emulator as usual.

  • Run the test's host-side entry point with fx test --e2e. Example:

    fx test --e2e host_x64/fidlc_microbenchmarks_test

The test will write its results to a newly-created, timestamped subdirectory of out/test_out. This will include *.fuchsiaperf.json files containing the performance results. It may include other files such as Fuchsia traces.