Create and bind a restricted state VMO to the current thread.


#include <zircon/syscalls-next.h>

zx_status_t zx_restricted_bind_state(uint32_t options, zx_handle_t* out_vmo);


Create a VMO to hold a zx_restricted_state_t. Bind the VMO to the current thread so that subsequent calls to zx_restricted_enter() will use it to restore/save the restricted mode state upon entering/leaving restricted mode.

While the returned VMO, out_vmo, is similar to one created by zx_vmo_create(), some operations are unsupported and may fail with an error. For example, resizing and creating a child VMO are unsupported. Mapping, unmapping, and reading/writing via zx_vmo_read()/zx_vmo_write() are supported.

Only one restricted state VMO may be bound to a thread at a time. Attempting to bind another one will replace the already bound VMO.

A bound VMO will be destroyed only after the last user handle is closed, the last user mapping is removed, and one of the following occur:

Like any other VMO, once the VMO has been mapped it will be retained by its mapping so the caller may close the handle and access the memory directly via the mapping.

Upon entering restricted mode zx_restricted_state_t at offset 0 of the VMO will be loaded and execution will resume accordingly. Upon leaving restricted mode, the thread's restricted state will be saved at offset 0 of VMO.

options must be zero.


Caller's job policy must allow ZX_POL_NEW_VMO.


ZX_ERR_INVALID_ARGS out_vmo is an invalid pointer or NULL, or options is any value other than 0.

ZX_ERR_NO_MEMORY Failure due to lack of memory. There is no good way for userspace to handle this (unlikely) error. In a future build this error will no longer occur.

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