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A Utf8PathBuf which can be either file-relative, or has been resolved with the path to the containing file.

The 'serde::Deserialize' implementation results in these path being in the file-relative state.

The FileRelativePathBuf has 'From' implementations that create it in the "resolved" state when converting from path formats that are used by an application (str, String, Utf8Path, Utf8PathBuf, etc.)

``` use assembly_file_relative_path::FileRelativePathBuf;

let path: FileRelativePathBuf = "some/path/to/file_1.json".into(); assert_eq!( path, FileRelativePathBuf::Resolved("some/path/to/file_1.json".into()) );

let relative = path.make_relative_to_dir("some/path")?; assert_eq!( relative, FileRelativePathBuf::FileRelative("to/file_1.json".into()) ); ```