Return a select() statement that contains CPU-specific clauses.

This function returns a select() statements that only contains clauses that depend on specific Fuchsia CPU names.


Name Description Default
cpu_map A dictionary mapping Fuchsia cpu names to select()-compatible
{ condition -> value } dictionaries. If the cpu name is listed in
valid_cpus, then all clauses from this dictionary will be added
to the result select() statement, otherwise they will be ignored.
valid_cpus A list of Fuchsia cpu names used to filter cpu_map. -
common If not None, a { condition -> value } whose clauses will be added
unconditionally to the final result select() statement.
default If not None, a value for the //conditions:default condition to
be added to the result select() statement.


A select() value whose dictionary has been built by filtering the content of cpu_map with only content for cpu names in valid_cpus.