Generates a set of scrutiny configs.


Name Description Type Mandatory Default
name A unique name for this target. Name required -
bootfs_files Set of files expected in bootfs. Label List optional []
bootfs_packages Set of packages expected in bootfs. Label List optional []
kernel_cmdline Set of cmdline args expected to be passed to the kernel. Label List optional []
routes_config_golden Config file for route resources validation. Label optional None
component_resolver_allowlist Allowlist of components that can be resolved using privileged component resolvers. Label optional None
component_route_exceptions Allowlist of all capability routes that are exempt from route checking. Label List optional []
component_tree_config Tree of expected component routes. Label optional None
base_packages Set of base packages expected in the fvm. Label optional None
static_packages Set of base and cache packages expected in the fvm. Label List optional []
structured_config_policy File describing the policy of structured config. Label optional None
pre_signing_policy File describing the policy of checks required before signing. Label optional None
pre_signing_goldens_dir Directory containing golden files for pre-signing checks. Label optional None
pre_signing_goldens List of golden files for pre-signing checks to be used as build inputs. Label List optional []