Build a fuchsia product bundle.

This rule produces a fuchsia product bundle which can be used to flash or OTA a device.

This macro will expand out into several fuchsia tasks that can be run by a bazel invocation. Given a product bundle definition, the following targets will be created.

    name = "product_bundle",
    board_name = "<your_board>",
    product_bundle_name = "<your_product_name>",
    partitions_config = ":your_partitions_config",
    main = ":your_image",
  • product_bundle.emu: Starts an emulator with the product_bundle.
  • product_bundle.flash: Flashes a device with the product_bundle.
  • product_bundle.ota: Runs ota on a device with the product_bundle.
  • product_bundle.zip: Creates a zipped version of the product_bundle.


Name Description Default
name - -
board_name - None
product_bundle_name - None
partitions_config - None
main - None
testonly - None
visibility - None
tags - []
kwargs - -