Produces a json file with license classification output.

The [name].json has the following schema:

    // Dictionary of license_ids : lists of classifcations
            // list of named classsifications
                "name": str,
                "confidence": float,
                "start_line": int,
                "end_line": int,


Name Description Type Mandatory Default
name A unique name for this target. Name required -
spdx_input The target to aggregate the licenses from. Label required -
identify_license The location of the 'identify_license' tool from
or a program with a similar I/O. Different organizations should configure
and build identify_license to match their organization OSS compliance policies.
Label required -
policy_override_rules Condition override rule files Label List optional []
default_condition Deprecated String optional ""
default_is_project_shipped Whether by default OSS projects are shipped Boolean optional True
default_is_notice_shipped Whether by default OSS notices are shipped Boolean optional True
default_is_source_code_shipped Whether by default OSS source code is shipped Boolean optional False
allowed_conditions List of allowed conditions. String List optional []
conditions_requiring_shipped_notice Only licenses with the any of the given condition will be shipped as notices. String List optional []
fail_on_disallowed_conditions The rule will fail if identified licenses map to disallowed conditions. Boolean optional True
failure_message_preamble A text file that contains a failure message preamble.
The message will be pre-pended to the standard generated failure message,
allowing downstream customers to provide project specific instructions, such
as documentation or persons of contact.
Label optional None