A new implementation of fuchsia_product_configuration that takes raw a json config.


Name Description Default
name Name of the rule. -
product_config_json product assembly json config, as a starlark dictionary.
Format of this JSON config can be found in this Rust definitions:

Key values that take file paths should be declared as a string with
the label path wrapped via "LABEL(" prefix and ")" suffix. For
<br>{<br> "platform": {<br> "some_file": "LABEL(//path/to/file)",<br> },<br>},<br>

All assembly json inputs are supported, except for product.packages
and product.base_drivers, which must be
specified through the following args.

TODO(https://fxbug.dev/42073826): Point to document instead of Rust definition
base_packages Fuchsia packages to be included in base. None
cache_packages Fuchsia packages to be included in cache. None
base_driver_packages Base driver packages to include in product. None
ota_configuration OTA configuration to use with the product. None
relative_paths Whether to generate an Assembly product configuration
with relative path, so it can be relocated.
kwargs Common bazel rule args passed through to the implementation rule. -