ELF Runner

The ELF runner is the runner responsible for launching components based on standard executable files (ELF format).

A capability to the ELF runner service is offered to the root component under the name elf. For other components to use the ELF runner, the capability must be explicitly routed to them.

For a detailed explanation of how processes are created, please see //docs/concepts/booting/program_loading.md.

Using the ELF Runner

To use the ELF runner, the component must:

  • Add a use declaration for the ELF runner.
  • Add a program block, containing the binary and (optionally) program arguments that should be used.

The ELF runner receives instructions from the program section of the component manifest. The binary field holds the path to an executable file in the package the manifest comes from, and the args field holds any additional string arguments that should be provided to the process when it is created.

This is an example manifest that launches bin/echo with the arguments Hello and world!. It assumes that the ELF runner capability has been offered to the component under the name elf:

    "program": {
        "binary": "bin/echo",
        "args": [ "Hello", "world!" ],
    "use": [
        { "runner": "elf" },