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Rights are associated with handles and convey privileges to perform actions on either the associated handle or the object associated with the handle.

The <zircon/rights.h> header defines default rights for each object type, which can be reduced via zx_handle_replace() or zx_handle_duplicate().

Right Conferred Privileges
ZX_RIGHT_DUPLICATE Allows handle duplication via zx_handle_duplicate()
ZX_RIGHT_TRANSFER Allows handle transfer via zx_channel_write()
ZX_RIGHT_READ Allows reading of data from containers (channels, sockets, VM objects, etc.)
Allows mapping as readable if ZX_RIGHT_MAP is also present
TO BE REMOVED Allows inspection of object state
ZX_RIGHT_WRITE Allows writing of data to containers (channels, sockets, VM objects, etc.)
Allows mapping as writeable if ZX_RIGHT_MAP is also present
TO BE REMOVED Allows modification of object state
ZX_RIGHT_EXECUTE Allows mapping as executable if ZX_RIGHT_MAP is also present
ZX_RIGHT_MAP Allows mapping of a VM object into an address space.
ZX_RIGHT_GET_PROPERTY Allows property inspection via zx_object_get_property()
ZX_RIGHT_SET_PROPERTY Allows property modification via zx_object_set_property()
ZX_RIGHT_ENUMERATE Allows enumerating child objects via zx_object_get_info() and zx_object_get_child()
ZX_RIGHT_DESTROY Allows termination of task objects via zx_task_kill()
ZX_RIGHT_SET_POLICY Allows policy modification via zx_job_set_policy()
ZX_RIGHT_GET_POLICY Allows policy inspection
ZX_RIGHT_SIGNAL Allows use of zx_object_signal()
ZX_RIGHT_SIGNAL_PEER Allows use of zx_object_signal_peer()
ZX_RIGHT_WAIT Allows use of zx_object_wait_one(), zx_object_wait_many(), and other waiting primitives
ZX_RIGHT_INSPECT Allows inspection via zx_object_get_info()
ZX_RIGHT_MANAGE_JOB NOT YET IMPLEMENTED Allows creation of processes, subjobs, etc.
ZX_RIGHT_MANAGE_PROCESS NOT YET IMPLEMENTED Allows creation of threads, etc.
ZX_RIGHT_MANAGE_THREAD NOT YET IMPLEMENTED Allows suspending/resuming threads, etc.
ZX_RIGHT_APPLY_PROFILE Allows a scheduling profile to be applied to a thread via zx_object_set_profile()
ZX_RIGHT_MANAGE_SOCKET Allows changing socket disposition via zx_socket_set_disposition()
ZX_RIGHT_OP_CHILDREN Allows for operations on a parent object to also modify children
ZX_RIGHT_RESIZE Allows resizing a VM object if ZX_RIGHT_WRITE is also present
ZX_RIGHT_ATTACH_VMO Allows attaching and detaching VM objects to a pager
ZX_RIGHT_MANAGE_VMO Allows managing the contents and metadata of a pager-owned VM object


The basic rights allow primitive manipulation of handles and are common to the majority of handle types by default. These are ZX_RIGHT_DUPLICATE, ZX_RIGHT_TRANSFER, ZX_RIGHT_WAIT, and ZX_RIGHT_INSPECT.

These four rights are referred to as ZX_RIGHTS_BASIC when used together.

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