Lifecycle events

The Archivist consumes lifecycle events to ingest diagnostics data. This document explains what these events are.

Archivist consumption of lifecycle events

The archivist ingests events from the component framework. The following diagram shows a very high level overview of the three lifecycle events (started, directory_ready and stopped) the archivist is interested in.

Figure: Flow of lifecycle events under component manager

The archivist consumes the following lifecycle events under component manager through fuchsia.component.EventStream:

  • Directory ready: The archivist listens for directory ready of the out/diagnostics directory. When the component starts serving this directory, the component manager sends this event to the Archivist.
  • Capability requested: The archivist receives Capability requested events for connections to fuchsia.logger.LogSink and fuchsia.inspect.InspectSink which allows it to attribute Inspect and logs.