Fuchsia SDK

This section is for developing Fuchsia software using the Fuchsia SDK.

Developing software with the Fuchsia SDK

The Fuchsia SDK is a set of build rules, API headers, prebuilt and source code libraries, and host tools put together to enable a Fuchsia software development environment. With the Fuchsia SDK, developers can create, build, run, test, and debug Fuchsia components and drivers (that is, Fuchsia software) without needing to set up a Fuchsia source checkout (fuchsia.git) on the host machine.

Build system support

The Fuchsia SDK supports Bazel as an out-of-the-box solution for building and testing software. However, Bazel is not a strict requirement. The Fuchsia SDK is designed to be integrated with most build systems to meet the needs of a diverse development ecosystem.